Terms of Use
Everything on this site has been painstakingly scanned, captured, translated, sorted and uploaded by Pan (unless otherwise noted). If you wish to use any of it for anything other than personal use, please be sure to ask my permission first.

I will not tolerate hot linking to any of this site's content, as it steals my bandwidth. Nor will I tolerate the reproduction of any of this site's content unless I have specifically given permission for this to happen.

I have had many troubles in the past with my gallery and video sections specifically, even to the point where I considered giving up altogether. As long as you email me (pan@phkp.co.uk) and ask exactly what it is you would like to use I will quite happily give you said permission.

If you do use any of my media / gallery section (for desktop wallpapers, avatars, etc) - I would love to see the outcomes. Please consider sending them to me so I can put them on the site!
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