Dry: Two

Album: Two
Artist(s): Dry (Stephen Fung & Mark Lui)
Released: 1998

Language: Cantonese

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Track Listing:

01. 你甚麼都有
Nei Sam Ma Dou Yau / All That You Have

02. 椗跑車落海
Ding Paau Che Laai Hoi / Fall in the Sea

03. 誰來開口
Seui Lai Hoi Hau / Who Opens the Mouth

04. 你的錯是我的對
Nei Di Cho Si Ngo Di Deui / Your Mistake is my Right

05. 然後
Yin Hau / Then

06. 童真大志
Tung Jan Daai Ji / Boy's True Great Purpose

07. 信我最後這一次
Seun Ngo Jeui Hau Je Yat Chi / I Trust After This One

08. 我的世界
Ngo Di Sai Gaai / My World

08. 黑
Haak / Black

08. 拈花
Nim Fa / Pick up Flowers

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